Snack Menu

All of our healthy snacks are prepared freshly each day.

Here is a sample menu, although snacks may vary occasionally depending on availability.

Daily Meals

All of our dinners are cooked fresh each day and delivered straight to our door thanks to Ryans Centra, Newport.

Here are sample menus, although dinners may vary occasionally depending on availability.

Week 1

  • Monday

    Creamy chicken and tomato pasta with Garlic bread.

  • Tuesday

    Mild Chicken curry with pureed vegetables and rice

  • Wednesday

    Turkey meatballs in a tomato sauce with mashed potato’s

  • Thursday

    Spaghetti Bolognese with pureed vegetables

  • Friday

    Breaded chicken, beans and chips

Week 2

  • Monday

    Mild Chicken Curry with pureed vegetables and rice

  • Tuesday

    Pasta & meatballs with peas & sweet corn

  • Wednesday

    Lasagne with pureed vegetables and garlic bread

  • Thursday

    Sausages with mashed potato, carrots and gravy

  • Friday

    Selection of pizza, beans and chips

Breakfast Buffet

Children can choose their own breakfast and juice from the buffet in the morning.

Meals & Snacks at the Homework Hub

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